Ding dong . . . open!

In art, a commission is the act of requesting the creation of a piece.

How to commission me

  • Contact me by email or instagram. What can I do for you?
  • You can give me descriptions, examples and references, colors, style details... Or you can leave it to me.


  • I will read the request and estimate the price.
  • I take the payment in advance, after I agreed to make your commission.
  • During the creation, I will share with you every step of the process and ask for your opinion.
  • I do not make refunds, unless for a setback I cannot complete a commission I agreed to. Never happened before.

Terms Of Service

  • You can repost the commission anywhere you want, including the proper credit.
  • You will never claim my work as your own work.
  • Commissions are for personal use only.
  • You cannot resell it. If you are interested in using the commission for commercial purposes, please tell me.
  • I can publish your commission and use it as an example for future commissions. If you don't want me to, let me know.

Answers to some Q

  • If you want changes after the work is completed (for example, after a week you want to modify colors), there is an extra fee.
  • I tend to finish commissions in 1-3 days.

· Thank you for reading!